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Welcome to a new way of doing research!

Hello everybody! Welcome to the Nanoprobe Network. Many people have put a lot of work and energy into designing, creating, and populating this website, which we hope will usher in a new era of scientific and technical interactions. As the Coordinator of this project, I would like to personally invite you to explore, contribute, question, answer, discuss, and debate any and all aspects of nano and bio probes.This free resource is for you to use, enjoy, and benefit from. Please pass on this invitation to your students, mentors, colleagues, vendors, customers, and collaborators. Together, we can build a virtual community that, through the robust exchange of ideas and information, will serve to improve the science we do and to connect our global community more closely. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. Please let us know what you do and don’t like, what needs to be fixed, what can be improved, and what you find useful. In this initial phase, your input is critical.

So thank you for visiting, and now start clicking through to enjoy, learn, and contribute to this new way of doing research.

sincerely yours,

Rob Carpick

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