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Welcome to Probe-Pedia - the interactive, on-line encyclopedia of scanning probe science and technology, by and for you.

This part of the Nanoprobe Network website lets you read, create, edit, and discussarticles within this  enclopedia. Each article is a page of information, which is linked with other related pages and external links, allowing you to quickly obtain information, and more importantly, edit, add to, and discuss that information for the benefit of the scientific community.

Like <a href="" target="_blank">Wikipedia</a>, this is a Wiki-based site. What is a wiki? Click here to find out and learn more.


For full, interactive access to Probe-Pedia, you must <a href="">register</a> as a Nanoprobe Network user.

The success of Probe-Pedia depends on you. We are at the initial stages of creating Probe-Pedia, so we encourage you to create new articles, edit existing ones, and encourage all of your colleauges to do the same.

We are pioneers in this exciting experiment - contribute and enjoy!

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