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Welcome to Probe-Pedia - the interactive, on-line encyclopedia of scanning probe science and technology, by and for you, the user!  Like <a href="" target="_blank">Wikipedia</a>, this <a href="" target="_blank">Wiki-based</a> site allows you to:

·        Read, create, edit, and discuss articles<a name="_ftnref1" href="#_ftn1"><strong>[1]</strong></a> within this encyclopedia for the benefit of the scientific community.

·        Obtain information quickly through links of related websites

The success of Probe-Pedia depends on you. For full, interactive access to Probe-Pedia, you must <a title="Register" href="" target="_blank">register</a> as a Nanoprobe Network user.

We are pioneers in this exciting experiment - contribute and enjoy!


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Getting Started


<a name="_ftn1" href="#_ftnref1">[1]</a> An article is a webpage that can be linked with other related pages and external sites, allowing you to quickly obtain information, and more importantly, edit, add to, and discuss that information.

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