How to check Starbucks Gift Card Balance

Nothing gives a bigger smile to Starbucks lovers than an invitation to a Starbucks reward. Everyone loves rewards, after all! Registering a Starbucks card is the perfect way to earn any Starbucks lover rewards all year long. However, with most of us obsessed with rewards from Starbucks, the big question remains to be on how one can check Starbucks gift card balance.

How to Check Starbucks Gift Card Balance

There are two ways Starbucks lovers can use in checking their Starbucks gift card balance, that is, through the Starbucks website or the Starbucks application on your mobile device. Checking the Starbucks balance through either of these methods, require the user to have access to the internet. And definitely, anyone checking on their Starbucks gift card balance must be entitled to a Starbucks Card.

Do you have a Starbucks Card? Well, if the answer is yes, this article will assist you in learning how you can check your Starbucks gift card, as well as how you can redeem the rewards that you qualify.

Checking Starbucks Gift Card Balance Using the Starbucks Website

Using the Starbucks website to check on the Starbucks gift card balance remains to be the most popular way of checking the balance adopted by many Starbucks lovers. Notably, it is the fastest method of checking your Starbucks gift card balance for those who lack a registered Starbucks user account or the Starbucks application installed in their mobile devices.A mobile device, that’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, your Starbucks card number, as well as a good internet connection, are the basic requirements to have this done. You need not worry about internet connection at the Starbucks stores, thanks for their provision of Wi-Fi for their customers at the store.

The following are the steps to follow in checking your balance through the Starbucks website.

  • After connecting your phone to a good internet connection, not necessarily the Starbucks Wi-Fi, go to the browser application in your mobile device and find the Starbucks website.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Starbucks website in a quest to locate the check balance section.• Into the first blank field of the check balance section, fill in your Starbucks card number. Ensure you fill the correct card number, which is a sixteen-digit number at the back of your Starbucks card.
  • Type in the six-digit security code revealed after scratching the box underneath your card number.
  • Click on the check balance green button, and the information will be revealed.

Registered user can also use this method through logging in through the Starbucks website and going to My Card section, selecting the card you wish to check. Through this, registered users are saved from having to scratch the box and typing the sixteen digit code.

Checking Starbucks Gift Card Balance Using the Starbucks Application

One can check their Starbucks gift card balance using the Starbucks application available in the App Store and Google Play for iPhone and Android users, respectively. While the application can be used in ordering ahead and paying with your phone, it can be used in managing your gift card balances.

To check your Starbucks gift card balance using your application on your iPhone, launch the application, and select the payment option. Search for the balance option in the screen’s top left corner and check on your gift card balance.

Android user can check to use the application to check on their gift card balances by first launching the app on their device, then tapping the four line icon on the screen’s top left corner. Hitting on the refresh balance tab will avail the Starbucks gift card balance to the user.

The above methods can aid Starbucks lovers to check on their gift card balances. With just a few clicks away, Starbucks’ frequent customers check on their viability to redeem their loyalty rewards.

eBay Marketing

How to Advertise on eBay Using Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

If you are reading this, chances are you would like to start making money online by cleverly marketing products or services on eBay. It goes without saying that this Amazon rival has an audience base with 174 million active buyers in 2020, at least according to Statista: So, it would be like presenting your product or service before these millions of active users some of whom are your potential customers. To that effect, I am going to show you how to advertise here and earn a commission whenever a user purchases a product or service you advertise.

1. Create a Short, Engaging Report

One of the cleverest ways to advertise third-party products and services on eBay is to share engaging content on the platform. It can be a 7-page report on one product or service, which purposely highlights points that would make the reader want to purchase that particular product or service. Most importantly, the report should include a link back to your landing page so that interested buyers can eventually make their purchases after reading your report.

Tip: You want to choose something that is highly popular like hand sanitizers, which ABC News says have recorded a drastic rise in demand by up to 1400%, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic(

By creating an informative report on why it’s important to have a bottle of sanitizer at home and including a link back to the sanitizer products you are trying to advertise is a great way to boost your sales.

Take Advantage of the Classified Ad Format Offered by eBay

eBay offers sellers and marketers alike an effective way to sell their products and services independently at a small cost. When you subscribe to the Classified Ad program, the online marketplace allows you to list your product or service together with its price and sell it to eBay buyers outside of the platform. Though the basic and premium subscriptions are worth $9.95 and $39, respectively, each is worth every penny that you spend on it. That’s because you’ll get an overwhelming amount of exposure, leading to more sales and hence greater commissions. Again, you want to choose a product that is high in demand like a facemask, thanks to the global pandemic caused by the Coronaviruses.

Final Thoughts

With eBay, a major online marketplace consisting of 174 million active buyers, affiliate marketing does not need to be challenging. You can expose your product or service to this overwhelming amount of audience to boost sales and smile all the way to the bank. The right strategy is all that it takes to achieve that. With that said, you can use a short report, the classified ad format program offered by eBay to affiliate marketers like you, or both.

Can International Students Make Money Online without Breaking the Law?

Can international students make money online? If you are reading this, chances are you want to know whether or not it is illegal to make money online as an international student. Before I answer the question, let me laud you for trying to find that out because it means you are a low abiding student who has no intention of breaking the law, doing the right thing at the wrong place.

So, back to the question as to whether or not you can make money online as an international student; the answer depends on what method you choose to make money online. Is it by working or is it by running a business?

1. Working

You are in the foreign country as a full-time student and not anything else. Because of that, the government assumes that you are not in a position to participate in employment/economic activities since the demands of being a full-time student leave you with no time for that. Apart from that, it expects that you have the financial resources to fund your academic endeavors. That’s the premise upon which you receive a study visa, which is also known as an “F 1” visa. Therefore, making money online by completing jobs is simply illegal and it can lead to your deportation. Avoid taking the risk.

N/B: There are a few exceptions to this though. Basically, you are allowed to work ON campus:

Up to 20 hours on a weekly basis during the semesters.
More than 20 hours per week during school breaks (such as summer or winter breaks).

Since some campus jobs are purely online-based, you can take advantage of such to make money online, courtesy of your college.

2. Running a Business

Just like working, it is illegal to run a business as a way of making money online. It all boils down to the provisions in the premise upon which you were issued a study visa;

  • You are in the country as a full-time student and not an entrepreneur.
  • You aren’t in a position to participate in economic activities since the demands of being a full-time student leave you with no time for that.
  • You have enough funds to support your studies and everything else that comes with them.

So, by running a business as a way of making money online, you simply contravene the fundamental provisions of the grounds upon which you were issued a visa. It’s simply illegal and unacceptable.

Final Thoughts

Taking the above points into consideration, it is safe to say that you can’t make money online as an international student. It is illegal to take up jobs or run a business online for financial purposes. If found out, one of the greatest penalties you could face is deportation. It’s just not worth it, is it?